Fine Art by Mark Downey

Welcome to the wonderful world of traditional realism.

Thank you for taking the time today to view the exquisite landscape and wildlife oil paintings of Mark Downey.

What you see on this website is a culmination of more than 40 years of dedication and discipline in mastering a very unique style and technique.

Enjoy ...

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Artist's Philosophy

Mark Downey, Artist of Traditional Realism

My art is best described as traditional realism. This style of art is antithetical to the Modernist movement, which has wreaked havoc upon Western civilization. I believe my calling in life is to exercise a God-given talent to represent that which is good, beautiful and true. It is not the duty of art to make social commentary or to portray the evil, ugly falsehoods of life; that is reserved for the imagery of propagandists to sell the unrealities of abstract, nonobjective politics. Art should glorify the Creator of nature and reflect moments of His handiwork.

I personally research my subject matter in the field so that I have no qualms about calling it original. The elements of each painting points to the highest qualities of composition and color. My philosophy is to strive for and pursue a caliber of excellence on par with the Renaissance "masterpiece" and therefore contribute to the advancement of a pristine future. Art has the power to govern the countenance of our peace and confirm the laws of our Creator.

I believe the old adage that truth is beauty and beauty is truth. Therefore, my philosophy is "to thy own art be true". I know art and not every canvas with paint qualifies as something beautiful. I put all my talent and energies into work that comes as close as possible to witnessing the perfection of nature firsthand. My hope is that others experience the beauty in nature as I have.

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